Sixty-Two Montevallo Student-Athletes Named to Fall 2011 Honor Roll

MONTEVALLO, Ala. – The University of Montevallo athletic department had 62 student-athletes named to either the President’s List or Dean’s List at Montevallo for the Fall 2011 semester. Men’s soccer led all Montevallo teams with nine athletes being named to the two lists while volleyball and women’s soccer tied for second with eight total student-athletes. To be named to the President’s List a student must compile a 3.8 GPA or higher for the semester while a 3.5 or higher earns the student a mention on the Dean’s List. Baseball, men’s soccer and women’s cross country led the way on the President’s List with five student-athletes each while men’s soccer, women’s soccer and volleyball led the way on the Dean’s List with four student-athletes each.

10 of UM’s 11 sports had at least two student-athletes earn distinction on one of the lists while eight teams had four or more honorees.

“This level of academic achievement by our student-athletes is how the Falcons contribute to Montevallo’s Unconventional Wisdom, said Faculty Athletics Representative Dr. Harry Hamilton. “They excel at both their academic pursuits and their athletic competitiveness. “

President’s List: Jack Andrade (men’s soccer), Stephen Beatty (men’s soccer), Lauren Blair (women’s tennis), Sara Cink (cheerleading), Jessi Clark (women’s cross country), Kady Curl (volleyball), Vance Curro (men’s soccer), Austin Dubberly (baseball), Jared Ebert (men’s golf), Giuliano Frano (men’s soccer), Gonzalo Gambertoglio (men’s golf), Anna Garrison (volleyball), Jessica Guidry (volleyball), Kaylee Hale (women’s golf), Matt Hobbs (men’s cross country), Jill Kleist (women’s cross country), Mariano Lepori (men’s golf), In-Mi Matsunaga (women’s cross country), Michaela Moertzsch (women’s soccer), Emilie Morrow (women’s soccer), Helene Nordgreen (women’s tennis), Maya O'Neal (cheerleading), Heath Peterson (baseball), Niki Polcerova (women’s tennis), Bari Rasco (cheerleading), Lauren Recchia (women’s cross country), Stephen Rigby (men’s soccer), Vinny Rodriguez (baseball), Blaine Rosenberg (baseball), Katherine Schofield (women’s cross country), Paige Scott (women’s soccer), Meagan Stevens (women’s tennis), Betsy Stevenson (volleyball), Kaitlin Thomas (women’s soccer), Taylor Welch (women’s basketball) and Zack Willoughby (baseball).

Dean’s List: Camilla Alderin (women’s soccer), Manyi Ati (volleyball), Melissa Bode (women’s soccer), Emma Breen (women’s golf), Aaron Bush (men’s cross country), Michelle Carle (volleyball), Thomas Davis (men’s soccer), Philip Dublin (men’s soccer), Aaron Ebert (men’s golf), Callie Ellis (cheerleading), Brianna Guzinski (volleyball), Kaleigh Harvey (volleyball), Josh Headley (baseball), Shane Howard (men’s soccer), Taylor Kerr (women’s soccer), Carly Laing (cheerleading), Brendan Ledgeway (men’s soccer), Denise Mannion (women’s soccer), Tracey Marshall (women’s golf), Mark McDonald (men’s cross country), Andres Morales (men’s golf), Yulia Shvetsova (women’s tennis), Deonica Simmons (cheerleading), Zack Walsh (men’s cross country), Rachel Willingham (women’s basketball) and Ryan York (baseball).