Postgraduate Opportunities

The NCAA seeks to support student athletes in all transitions of their collegiate experience, including the post-graduate experience. Providing a number of graduate study scholarships, internship opportunities, and offering a free job search dedicated specifically to careers within the athletic arena, the NCAA has created a vast resource of opportunity for today’s student athletes. Please visit the NCAA website to learn more about opportunities available today at

Walters Byers Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Deadline: Varies

Established by the NCAA in 1988, this program annually honors one male and one female student-athlete for their superior academic performance and for their potential for success in their postgraduate studies. The scholarship offers a stipend of $24,000 for each academic year, and may be renewed for a second year of graduate study. Applications, qualifications, and additional information on how to become a Walters Byers recipient can be found on the NCAA website or by clicking on the link: WaltersByersScholarship.

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Deadline: Sport-dependent

87 men and 87 women in their last year of intercollegiate athletic competition who have demonstrated success both academically and athletically have the opportunity to be awarded with a one-time $7,500 grant for fall, winter, and spring sports. For application
and nomination information, please visit the NCAA website or click on the link: PostGraduateScholarship.

Jim McKay Scholarship Program

Deadline: January

In recognition of the pioneer sports journalist, Jim McKay, this annual program awards $10,000 each year to one male and one female student athlete. Candidates for this scholarship include student athletes who have demonstrated academic excellence and have shown potential for the ability to make future contributions within the sports communication industry. The student must portray a commitment to the communications field and display professionalism and integrity in their work. For more information, please visit the NCAAwebsite or click on the link: JimMcKayScholarship.

Division II Degree-Completion Award Program

Deadline: early April

Designed to provide assistance for student athletes who have exhausted their athletic eligibility within an active Division II institution, this award grants former athletic scholarship recipients with financial assistance to enable them to complete their first baccalaureate degree. For more information and candidate requirements, please follow the link or visit the NCAA’s website: DivisionIIScholarship.

NCAA Postgraduate Internship Program

A paid, one-year position based in the NCAA national office in Indianapolis, IN, this internship program offers experience to college graduates with an interest in intercollegiate athletic administration. A variety of positions are included, from which internship applicants select their main areas of interest. For more information, please visit the NCAA website or follow the link: NCAAInternship.

The Market

Looking for job opportunities, internships, or available graduate assistantships in college athletics? The Market is an NCAA-based search engine that houses listings for each of these positions to match students seeking professional development or employment opportunities with their specific area of interest. For more information or to see what is available now, visit the NCAA website: