Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

The University of Montevallo’s mission, unique in higher education in Alabama, is "to provide to students from throughout the state an affordable, geographically accessible, 'small college' public higher educational experience of high quality, with a strong emphasis on undergraduate liberal studies and with professional programs supported by a broad base of arts and sciences, designed for their intellectual and personal growth in the pursuit of meaningful employment and responsible, informed citizenship."

The UM intercollegiate athletic program can contribute to the learning and the personal growth components of the Campus Mission. The operation of a successful athletic program fosters spirit, identity and a sense of pride within the campus community and provides talented student-athletes with the opportunity to enrich their collegiate experience through participation in a challenging and competitive athletic program. Excellence in the athletic program at UM stems not only from successful competition, but from the general involvement in campus life for student-athletes who will earn degrees and who in other respects, embody qualities with which the institution can identify. Most importantly, both athletic success and academic integrity are the crucial elements in judging the excellence of the athletic program at the University of Montevallo.

The importance of faculty involvement and influence in the institutional control and operation of an excellent athletic program cannot be overestimated. Faculty and staff advice and participation will enhance the integrity of the athletic program in terms of academic performance, rules compliance, and compatibility of athletic programs with the mission of the campus.


The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC) exists to help the University develop and maintain the best possible intercollegiate athletic program consistent with the academic integrity of the institution and the academic and social development of student athletes. The IAC is the primary committee which advises the President on all matters pertaining to the education and well being of student athletes and the academic integrity of the intercollegiate athletic program. The Committee, on behalf of the President, provides the necessary campus input and participation in intercollegiate athletics as required by the Peach Belt Conference, National Collegiate Athletic Association and the University of Montevallo.

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
Academic Year 2013-2014

Harry Hamilton Chair, Faculty Athletic Rep
Benton Tyler Faculty, CAS
Nathan McMinn Faculty, COB
Randall Scott Faculty, CFA
Carolyn Miller Kirby Faculty, COE
Houston Byrd Faculty, At-large
Ruth Truss Faculty, At-large
Michael Chadwick Athletics, Staff
Tommy Barksdale
Athletics, Coach
Dawn Makofski NCAA Compliance Officer
Pablo Martell Chair, Student Athlete Advisory Committee