Purple and Gold

Evidence of when or why the colors of purple and gold were chosen as Montevallo’s school colors are, as far as anyone can tell, non-existent, although references to the colors were made as far as far back as 1909 and were used commonly in association with the basketball teams in the 1920’s.

Montevallo athletic teams, however, have not always worn purple and gold uniforms. For years, “letters” awarded to athletes were navy blue with gold trim and a student-athlete handbook from the early 1970’s begins with these words, “For those who wear the Old Gold and Navy Blue…”

Falcon basketball teams in the 1970’s often sported Navy Blue and Old Gold uniforms. According to Dr. Leon Davis, athletic teams at the University were never outfitted in purple until after Dr. Jim Vickery became president of the school in 1977.

Davis’ basketball teams in the early 1960’s wore navy blazers when they traveled. He said he received compliments about how good the team looked and behaved almost every trip, which made him proud.

Today Montevallo’s official colors are purple PMS #2627 and gold PMS #123.